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        1. Insulting yourself does not make you lose weight. I’ll say it one more time… insulting yourself does NOT make you lose weight. Sounds silly and simple, right? It may be, but everyone does this (or has done it in the past), as if telling yourself how fat you are is going to make you attend spin classes every morning at 8 AM. No. Way. Talking down to yourself is really only making things harder. Saying things like “Im so fat” “I should have never ate that” “Why am I so lazy?” “I’ll never look as good as her” “I’m so gross” are only going to make you feel worse! DUH. These thoughts are going to ruin your self-esteem with each hit of negativity you send out to your body. And low-self esteem + no self compassion is a recipe for making zero lifestyle changes (or temporary ones at best). We need to feel worthy of change. Worthy of health. Worthy of our own acceptance. Until you change the voice inside from being your enemy to your cheerleader, you can’t expect much! An easy switch could be “I dont feel great about how I look today, but thats okay. I am in control of the choices i make, and if i want to lose weight I can go to that spin class! LETS DO THIS!” Seriously, PUMP YOURSELF UP. Be the badass cheerleader you need to be. Do it all for YOU!

        2. Polarizing: Labeling all foods and activities as “good” vs. “bad” with zero middle ground is the perfect way to feel absolutely awful anytime you touch anything on your self-created “bad” list. I know, because I used to do the same thing (aka I’d feel really guilty if I ate some Nutella or had one too many chips and salsa while waiting for my food at a Mexican restaurant). In my head Nutella and chips = bad, and if I eat anything “bad”, I should feel bad and do “better” next time. Uh, no. That’s not how it has to work. Chips aren’t inherently bad until you tell yourself they are. The guilt you put on yourself for the things you choose to eat is completely up to your discretion, never forget that. When we polarize like this, we’re making eating a chore, and we’re really making it more stressful than it needs to be. Eating should be simple, not a time for you to beat yourself up for the things you enjoy consuming. Try letting go of the labels and see if you feel a bit more freedom (which will actually make weight loss easier).

        3. “I can’t” “I shouldn’t” “I need to” are all ways we box ourselves in and set ourselves up to be miserable. When kids are told they can’t have something, they usually want it more, right? Your brain as an adult works the same way. If you talk to yourself like a child, you’ll be resenting yourself in no time. Instead, try softer language when making food choices. “I do want another slice of pizza, but I know I won’t feel great if I do that, so I’m actually content without it” feels a lot better (and more freeing) than “I can’t have another piece! I really want one though. But I NEED to lose weight and if I keep eating pizza I’ll never lose weight. I really shouldn’t”. One feels empowering, one makes you feel powerless. Remember, YOU choose what goes into your body. Whether you want to give yourself the fun of having another piece or not (no judgment, do your thing!), make sure your self-talk in the decision making process is one of KINDNESS.

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