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        I grew up shy and insecure, quiet, and sensitive. I truly thought these personality traits were set in stone, as if these qualities were fixed, I believed I had no control over how I thought or felt.

        When I was 17, though, everything changed. I came across a quote along the lines of "you can choose to be happy" and in an instant everything shifted. For the first time in my life, I was told that I had the power to decide how I experienced life, no matter what happened to me. And I finally understood that no one could take that power away from me unless I let them. And, I certainly realized how very few people have a mindset this strong..that so few people had such power over their internal world despite their external circumstances.

        I learned that I could CHOOSE how to react, how to think, and how to live as the best version of me possible. It was then that I became the positive, optimistic, and with much practice and education, confident and resilient to the point I know my mind is my GREATEST tool, asset, and GIFT. With my mindset this strong, I have everything.

        After my first psychology class in high school, I knew the field of therapy was the right choice for me. I set out to become an MFT (Marriage and Family Therapist) and over the last several years became the "therapist" for most people in my personal life. I earned my Bachelor's Degree in Psychology with honors. After graduating, I took a pause from school and worked full time as a behavior therapist, but keeping my dream career in mind at all times.

        Over the years, the dream shifted, but the passion and purpose never did. I ultimately decided that between my formal education (and more than anything the "informal" PERSONAL work, research, reading, and experience) & several people in my personal and professional life recommending I pursue a career in therapy, I decided to build something of my own.

        I created a coaching practice where I can do the deep dive mindset work to change the lives of as MANY people as possible. creating even more impactful results than I could if I took the "formal" therapy route.

        I am obsessed with personal growth, goal setting, action taking, and cultivating an expert mindset in areas of happiness, ambition, resilience, confidence, connection, and authenticity. And my mission? To consistently master my own mind and to teach you how to MASTER YOURS!

        I feel SO empowered. I know that I am in control of my mind against the inevitable hard life stuff that happens (and it DOES!) I created this coaching to share, inspire, and TEACH my message: YOU can change your thought patterns and lifestyle just as I have. People are always asking me "how I do it". And it is simple, really. You just have to be committed to rewiring your brain. You have to love yourself so much that you will do anything to feel happiness and live a healthy life.

        I am now here to empower YOU to master your mindset and live the life being the version of YOU you thought was only possible in your DREAMS!