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        Your day is much different than my own, and much different from most others in the world. The one thing we will always have in common in this is that the way you choose to start and end it will have massive impact on how you feel, think and act throughout. When we wake up and immediately run through our mental “to-do list”, don’t make enough time to do our hair the way we like, spend too much time over-thinking our outfit, and rush out the door with a barely healthy breakfast to sustain us through your day…well, chances are you aren’t going to feel so hot no matter what the day brings you!

        But, imagine if you had a good stretch, some water, your clothes already set out, and some time for reading or meditation. Which start would put you in your best and brightest place to bring good energy into the world?

        Same goes for how you end it (taking a nice hot relaxing shower or bath and reading a book vs. watching the late-night news and complaining about how hard your day was on the phone with a friend). Imagine the difference between the two.

        Imagine which choice would help you sleep better and therefore have a better next day? Once we become aware of our morning and night time habits, we can alter them to increase our positive feelings and positive choice making.

        When you are off to a great morning start with a clear mind and a clear intention of having a beautiful day, you are much more likely to make healthy choices. You are going to be in a space of deeper self-love and youll be more motivated to stick to your workout plan and make healthy food choices, have more positive thoughts, and be kinder to yourself and others. You will be set up to continue to make choices all day that nourish your body and mind.

        Some solid morning and evening routine habits: Journaling, meditation, visualization exercises, exercise, reading self improvement books/listening to podcasts to get in the right mindset! It doesn’t need to be anything complicated or overwhelming.. sometimes simple is best! Work with whatever time/energy you have available to you on any given day and adjust when needed. Make sure to check in with yourself frequently to see what changes need to be made.

        So, put down the instagram feed, turn the lights off a bit earlier, and get ready to make tomorrow even more magical than today was!

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