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        The “body positivity” movement is great. It has gained a lot of momentum towards healing negative body image and has therefore created a new level of self-acceptance that in turn breeds confidence and a sense of personal power in those who follow along. I love self-love. But…I also love self-care..and sometimes self-care DOES include weight loss, and that is okay.

        Let me back up a little bit:

        The body positivity movement was initiated to remind people that they are beautiful and deserving of love no matter what size or shape their body is…and that is a great message, dont get me wrong. But, what this movement with the goal of ending “body shaming” has unintentionally done is create a new “weight loss shaming” trend that is just as harmful as the mentality they were trying to destroy in the first place.

        Both are telling you that you have something to be ashamed of. But let me make it clear, weight loss (for most people) is a completely healthy and self-loving thing to do. Many people in this country are overweight or obese and both of these body types are proven to dramatically increase the risk of several diseases, including but not limited to: diabetes, heart disease, cancer, fatty liver disease, and kidney disease. So why create a mass message telling people to keep their bodies as they are, despite many people falling into a health category that is setting them up for chronic illness and possible premature death?

        I agree, love yourself and be kind to yourself no matter how much weight you do or dont carry. But please also take care of yourself. These things do not have to be mutually exclusive.

        You are welcome to be proud of who you are and rock your body in a bikini no matter your size.. own whoever you are and however you look! But know that being severely overweight does come with a price. And that is the message this movement is missing, so that is the gap I would like to fill.

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